Generations Federal Credit Union Launches First Time Auto Buyer Program

San Antonio, TX (PRWEB) April 04, 2014

Generations Federal Credit Union has launched its My Ride Rules program which is designed to assist first-time car buyers overcome many of the financial hurdles they face as they look to purchase their first new or used vehicle. Generations is the only financial institution in San Antonio that offers a program of this type.

To qualify, first-time buyers need to provide proof of three months of employment history, be at least 18 years of age, have no previous auto loan credit, and show proof of insurance prior to funding. Applicants do not need a two-year employment history and do not need a co-signer on the loan.

To ensure their financial success, Generations also requires applicants to complete an online First Time Auto Buyer online course that covers topics such as The Total Cost of Ownership, Financing A Car Purchase, Negotiating a Price, Avoiding Surprises, and Common Mistakes When Buying A Car. The online financial literacy course is approximately 15 minutes in length.

Introducing a fixed rate monthly payment enables that first-time buyer to establish a history of monthly budgeting and paying off a loan. It provides them with successful building blocks and, perhaps most importantly, provides them the confidence to build credit independently as they begin to go out and establish themselves in todays challenging economic environment, said Clay Thompson, Chief Lending Officer at Generations Federal Credit Union.

The credit union originally introduced My Ride Rules as a one-time promotion in March 2013. However, due to the significant success of the campaign, Generations made it a permanent product. To participate in My Ride Rules, first-time buyers cannot have derogatory history and their payments cannot exceed 20% of monthly gross income. The loan maximum is $ 25,000 and the term is for 60 months, and refinance options are available for first-time auto loans with other financial institutions.

Our goal as a credit union is to be a financial advocate for our members, to help them navigate what can sometimes be a tricky path to success. This program provides first time buyers with the tools they need to not only get a fair deal on that first car, but also how to be successful in paying it off, concluded Thompson.

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Disability Insurance Add-on Quotes Now Extracted from Auto Company Quotes Tool

Indianapolis, IN (PRWEB) April 01, 2014

Motor vehicle owners in the U.S. who are searching for new insurance products to add to an existing policy can now use the finder system at the Auto Pros website. New disability insurance add-ons and prices are now viewable by car owners at

The automated search tool that is active for public use is now able to search national agencies that are providing different disability coverage options. Car owners using this system input a zip code that is then matched to available providers in specific areas throughout the country.

“The add-ons that are system provides access to can be quoted for prices or more information can be obtained from each insurer that is featured in our system,” said one Auto Pros company source.

The insurer costs that are available when using the open tool are accurate for this year and provided direct from each agency. The finder tool now uses the zip code information to ensure that all national discounts are offered to car owners in their quest to find disability plans and other vehicle coverage options.

“Automation through our system helps to instantly reveal actual costs and other plan data to consumers without a person entering vehicle data or previous driving histories,” said the source.

The plans that are quoted this year through the Auto Pros company website are now in combination with the auto warranty plans that are featured in the database at Any car owner can begin a search for a long-term warranty plan using this alternate system.


The company is one of the American resources that are currently providing independent insurance quotations for motor vehicle coverage. This company has dedicated its entire portal online to supplying accurate price data for vehicle owners this year. The company support now offered through the digitized systems has been created to save consumers time while researching different agencies offering discounts or incentives. Approximate updates to provider data are now completed on a programmed schedule daily to increase the accuracy of policy information for consumers.

General Car Insurance Finder Now Includes Lowest Premiums of 2014 for Motorists Online

Detroit, MI (PRWEB) April 01, 2014

Insurance rates that agencies calculate for motor vehicle owners might not include all available discounts, according to industry research. The Auto Pros company is now opening access to its general car insurance finder tool to help introduce some of the lowest premiums of 2014 at

This updated price information is meant to showcase incentives that agencies are providing that might not be available through offline research in the U.S. The partners that have agreed to submit the rates data through the open tool this year are a combination of licensed companies and rated companies.

“The finder solution that we’re developed is instantly connecting consumers with discounts and price drops this year that are spread out over several types of insurance products,” said one Auto Pros source.

The general insurance data that is available is now mixed in with more complex coverage options that agencies are quoting inside the public system. These options include full coverage, SR22, collector insurance and other coverage plans that drivers can explore for lower prices.

“Our website is one of the resources that are offering a respected amount of insurer data at no cost to the public to educate car owners about discount programs,” said the source.

The Auto Pros company has adjusted the use of its insurer system this year to present more rates to the public that are applicable in all 50 states. A similar change was recently added to the auto warranty system that is in place for public usage at


The company is one of the Internet resources that American drivers are depending on daily for researching and reviewing different insurance pricing for coverage plans. The company website is featuring digitized programs that now search national agencies for insurance products pricing. The company databases that are now active are put into place for daily use at no cost to the public. Automatic provider updates are currently part of the services that are included in the insurance company finder for this year.

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Car Insurance Portal Now Distributes General Insurance Prices to Motorists Online

New York, NY (PRWEB) April 01, 2014

Locating insurance for different motor vehicles will now be easier for motorists using the Bright Sky Insurance portal online. This company is now using its car insurance portal to deliver general insurance prices at

The rates data that is now supplied provides a simple way to locate coverage policy costs for all vehicle brands. The independent sources to collect the private data now available have helped to contribute to a larger list of national companies supplying coverage data for the public to review this year.

“Our portal can be used as a valid source of research by the public when locating insurer costs for U.S. policies this year,” said one Bright Sky Insurance source.

The general prices that are viewable are mixed to include different levels of coverage. Motorists who use the company services available for research can begin reviewing full coverage, liability and plans that are underwritten for high risk drivers.

“The immediate quotes that are prepared are matched by location and not by driver data to provide a more secure source for the public,” said the source.

The website is offering multiple levels of insurer research in 2014. The car insurance industry is one area that is now available for exploration using the company website. Life insurance plans that are available for adults can now be quoted at

About Bright Sky Insurance

The Bright Sky Insurance company portal is one of the national resources that vehicle owners can depend on for researching insurance costs and other data on the Internet. This company has created its portal to support the public with comparing and reviewing vehicle insurance products. The Bright Sky Insurance company has a full-time support staff offering easy access to company content through a contact center now enacted on the company homepage for 2014. New providers of vehicle coverage products are included in the automated system weekly.

Car Quote Tool for American Drivers Now Includes Full Coverage Insurance Rates

Detroit, MI (PRWEB) March 31, 2014

Insurance quotations remain the primary source of price information gathering for the public, according to insurer industry data. The Auto Pros company is now expanding the content viewable inside of its car quote tool this year. More full coverage plans options are now quotable at

Every quotation that is calculated and distributed through the public tool this year is designed to provide information to drivers seeking insurer pricing. The full coverage quotes that are now supplied are one new inclusion inside of the finder tool for drivers to access this year.

“Drivers who plan to use our system for research can feel confident that the pricing delivered is accurate due to the direct data feed from each insurer,” said one Auto Pros company source.

The American agencies that have agreed to provide rates data and policy details through the quotes system have made it easier this year to explore the coverage offered. Aside from full coverage quotes, information pertaining to liability or high risk plans can be obtained using the quotation system.

“We’re now offering one of the most complete resources on the independent level to find and explore different insurer products within the USA,” said the source.

The advantages of using the Auto Pros company website for research do not stop with standard insurance reviews. The new programming applied to the company research platform has added auto warranty agencies research functions. Car owners can now conduct research for warranties pricing and reviews at


The company is continuing the mission of supporting American consumers by allowing insurance company research through its programmed database tools on the Internet this year. This company has arranged new service provider data that is now displayed in real time online. The company website is one of the resources that any vehicle owner can use while exploring pricing and additional options for auto parts and warranty policies available inside the U.S. Toll-free phone support solutions are now part of the customer service options available.

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Vehicle Insurance Quotes for Bad Credit Car Owners Now Displayed Through Online Insurer Tool

Cincinnati, OH (PRWEB) March 27, 2014

Insurance prices for consumers who experience credit related issues can rise each year, according to insurance industry data. The Auto Pros company has now adjusted its quotation tool this year to present vehicle insurance quotes for bad credit car owners at

Access to the new rates is provided to help drivers explore what discounts are available with a lower than standard rating of credit. New agencies that specialize in underwriting insurance for credit challenged drivers are now showcased in the finder tool for online use this year.

“There are now some of the top names in the insurance industry showcased inside of our quotation tool along with local agencies,” said one Auto Pros company source.

The insurer quotes that are provided for bad credit drivers are one part of the modifications now complete. A driver who does not have credit issues can benefit from the rate quotations that are supplied for standard insurance policies. These rates and other data can be viewed in real time.

“A person who experiences problems with credit can pay higher costs for insurance and other needed services and our system is providing a starting point for rates research,” said the source.

The Auto Pros company search system that is now actively distributing more insurer policy rates this year has been changed to include warranty costs from providers. The automobile warranty rates data is now viewable when visiting


The company is continuing to support American consumers with independent exploration options through its database of auto insurance providers on the Internet. This company has grown into a major resource offering current price and policy information to the public. The company has initiated development of additional auto parts research tools that are helping to connect vehicle owners with parts retailers in every part of the U.S. Toll-free phone support services are currently one of the new inclusions to the customer service department this year.

Gap Insurance for New Drivers Added to Quotes Tool at Automotive Website

Mobile, AL (PRWEB) March 25, 2014

American motorists who have purchased a new vehicle in the past 36 months now have a faster method of researching alternative insurance plans. The Auto Pros company has now added gap insurance for new vehicle drivers through its quotes tool at

Searches that are conducted through the modified locator system are designed to present agencies that specialize in offering expanded coverage for newer vehicle brands. The gap policies that are provided are calculated based on several new parameters to help motorists review the most accurate price data available.

“One advantage that our tool offers is the private exploration and reviews of larger U.S. companies that are providing unadvertised insurance types and costs,” said one Auto Pros source.

The new car insurer rates that are provided to new drivers through the private system are combined with the normal rates that used car owners can find using the open tool. A person who is reviewing liability, non owner, full coverage or some high risk policies now has the option to quote these plans online.

“Our Internet based tool is open to any vehicle owner and is programmed to sort companies based on a minimal range of data to continue offering anonymity during price discovery,” the source said.

The Auto Pros company is one of the U.S. sources that have opened up its database programs for public usage in 2014. More development is expected for insurance industry data through the remainder of this year. Car owners who begin searching the open data can now review warranty company rates for any make or model vehicle at


The company is one of the leading sources to locate independent motor vehicle insurance policy quotations from national agencies on the Internet. This supplies use of its databases to the general public to enhance private exploration of policy prices. The company also distributes automotive parts prices and motor vehicle warranty policies that agencies offer to the public. The contact support solutions this company offers have been updated in 2014 to include toll-free phone lines for consumers to extract information each day.

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